Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time   

PHASE  I  (Spring / Summer of 2014)

Step 1.)  Create a standard for the mapping icons and categories.  Consider layering sites for easy of operation.
Step 2.)  Commence Posting the names of Clay County Fallen Warriors

Step 3.)  Invite others to become Partners, Associates , and or Affiliates
Step 4.) AUG-SEPT: Provide information to assist educators, schedule meetings and phone conferences, request feedback.

PHASE  II   (School Year 2014-15)

Step 1. Clay County Cemeteries:  Locate and post 

Step 2. Merge Departed Veteranposting

Step 3. Veteran of the week or showcase 3-4 Veterans each month    


Research & Development:  Establish guidelines criteria for connecting with classroom/homeschool learn objectives, civic groups, and club activities. 

The Virtual Parade of Flags functions via Google Maps and just like the virtual Parade of Heritage and virtual Parade of Trees. 

The names of all CLAY COUNTY FALLEN WARRIORS are recognized, dating back to the War Between the States to present day.  We also will post information about some of or Departed Veterans.

You may view the Virtual Parade of Flags via the map to to the right. This INTERPRETIVE - Information Program is not subject to federal or state regulations and is in line with free enterprise.  We collaborate with others such as the Shepherd Center of Orange Park, Clay County Archives, Military Museum of North Florida, and Clay County School District to name a few.  We are also on the TEAM leading the effort to create Clay County History Month March, 2014, 2015, 2016, and beyond.


New for 2014 to help provide a classroom and at home learn experience. 

Additionally, this VIRTUAL aspect help to enhance one our flagship events

the Clay County Traveling Parade of Flags