1988: For the first time, the POW/MIA flag flew over the White House on National POW/MIA Recognition Day; during the 100th Congress (9 March 1989) the flag was placed in the Rotunda at the U.S. Capital.  May 2009 Heisley (88) died in Colorado, the flag's design never was copyrighted, he never got rich off it - nor did the Hoff family.  Best we know one of the original black-and-white banners is hanging in front of the Hoff house in Orange Park.  They simply never have forgotten.

Today:  The POW/MIA Flag is known and seen around the nation, the world.  However, many folks go about their daily life not knowing, others forget.  National POW/MIA Day is the 3rd Friday of September.  Here At Home - Clay County, Florida - we do not forget.  

Thank You Mrs. Michael G. Hoff, Sr. and family, we trust you know, we too will never forget.    Thank you NATIONAL LEAGUE OF FAMILIES.

A Times-Union photo of Mary Helen Hoff. (Full TU article by Mark Woods available online).  We are concerned that in this - FREE SOCIETY - a growing number of folks forget.   

Here at HOME - Clay County, Florida - We Do Not Forget.     
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Mary said "I don't want a lot of colors… I saw a picture of one of those POWs wearing black pajamas... we need a basic black-and-white flag." 


LONGING FOR THE SOUND "HONEY I'M HOME": January 17, 1991 Navy Lt. Cmdr Scott Speicher was shot down over Iraq. In 2009 (18 years later) the Speicher family learn his remains have been found, they were coming HOME.  However, that year Mary Helen Hoff and her five children were facing 29 years since they learned Navy Lt. Cmdr. Michael G. Hoff, Sr. (husband and father) may never be coming home to Orange Park, Florida. Mrs. Hoff was like a drum beat - for decades - she demanded military leaders find more information.  Yes, the Speicher family knows what it is like to hear words - his remains have been found - the Hoff family does not.  

Mary Hoff created the idea for the design of the POW/MIA flag after she learned that her husband's plane, an A7A Corsair, was shot down (7-Jan-'70) in Southeast Asia. In 1971, she read a Jacksonville Times-Union news story about Annin Flags, a New York flag manufacturer, she contacted the flag company, persuading them to help.  Annin Flags arranged for Newt Heisley, a graphic designer to work on it.  


National POW/MIA Recognition Day is observed each year on the 3rd Friday of September.  The National League of Families Prisoner of War and Missing In Action annual event honors the families and the missing or captured.  

This is a time to educate and increase awareness for our nations commitment to account for them.  All across our country POW/MIA ceremonies are encouraged.

We invite you to do your part to support these missing Americans and their families.  If you are not sure what to day - please ask. 

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