Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time   

Let's Frame the TIMELINE: During the 1880s and 1890s we were in a period of "Reconstruction" known to be a pivotal point in our American experiment. Our Nation was healing from the war between the States. Women were demanding to vote. The Prohibition movement was marching along. Blacks were testing new found social and political options. The debates over funds for parochial and pubic school were heated. 

One may ask, what was else was happening socially and economically? Labor conditions were terrible, labor unions were not the main stay, monopolies were legal. Mark Twain called it the "Gilded Age" a time of rising political power of businessman - the glorify days - capitalism, free market exploration. A time before federal income tax, widespread celebration of wealth. The early supports of union called for immediate and swift solutions to labor conditions. A call to launch socialism ideas. Many agreed something need to change.

During this time legal immigrants were flowing into these United States of American and an anti-Catholic movement was underway. "Reformers" were advocating for Universal Public Education and compulsory youth school attendance. Again, the heated debates raged over funds for parochial and public schools.

The U.S. Senate faced numerous national issues: Reconstruction, Monetary Policy, a Third Political Party, Industrial Development, Free Markets and the question --- is there a need for a Federal reserve system?   During 1871 -1898, the U.S. Senate did not approve any treaties but called for series of reciprocal Foreign Trade agreements. In 1898, the Senate was hard pressed but finally signed a treaty to ended the Spanish-American War.

Again, our nation was healing from a not so -- Civil War -- that was far more than just waged on the battlefields during the 1860's.  

The Pledge of Allegiance to our American Flag 

Summer of 1892: "The Youth's Companion"

helps launch a School Flag Movement?  

What happens when American citizens - more specific - educators (adults) stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with their our youth (students)?   Let's explore this question.  For starters let's review the history of our Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.  While we do this let's also explore this as a matter of "APPLIED HERITAGE" OR "APPLIED HISTORY."   How is our situation today related to the situation of time of "The Youth's Companion" launching of a School Flag Movement?   

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