Individuals/Families....47%  Civic Groups/Charities..34%
Business................17%   Government..............02% 

The plan was to make Green Cove Springs the "Downtown" of Clay County.  As we saw it the Parade of Trees was in direct support of that goal.  

Another goal was to continue the Spring Park master plan - in the original plan Spring Park Main Entrance on Magnolia.  The location would be on the east side of Magnolia between Walnut St. and Spring St. (the location of the premium trees).  Our work and efforts in the Parade of Trees have been consistent with the annual theme and aimed at sparking interest in others to help develop community activities from the river, Spring Park at 200 Walnut Street all the way to the Historical Triangle (900 Walnut Street). 
WE FAILED - we met muster for 10 years - we now Secede.  We remain Semper Fi to the cause but absent with leave for muster. 

As very, very few people now remember the site of the Parade of Trees (Spring Park) and the former site of the Memorial Day Parade of Flags was a bench mark for the creation of the permanent Clay County Fallen Warriors Monument.  

WE FAILED (at that location)

We appreciate our dual partners - who helped us develop the Clay County Traveling Parade of Flags and the Parade of Wreaths while creating joint efforts for the Clay County Fallen Warriors research project.   Follow this link to learn more  

The initial private sector (1997) idea for a Clay County Parade of Flags was that the week prior and following Memorial Day our streets would be lined with American Flags to honor our Fallen Warriors.  The idea was a big hit with the City Council. However, the city leaders wanted the display to be in Spring Park.  All was well for several years. But by 2010 many community leaders became complacent and apathetic.  By 2011 and 2012 the two week display was damaged and disrespected more than ever before. This situation created a Rebirth - the Traveling aspect was born - by 2013 the Parade of Flags started to travel.

The creation and development of a PERMANENT Clay County Fallen Warriors Monument is now alive and doing well.  No longer just an idle sound bite.

Thanks to our dual partners - We Succeed !!!!   

Yes, we are closing the Parade of Trees chapter...  follow this link to learn more.  But more important we are opening a chapter. After all - These are the times that try men's souls... 

Good day,
Art & Jenny Yeaman
Heritage Guides

We had lofty ideas, We met muster, we participated.  Yes, for 10 years we tried, we tried to support "Tomorrows' Vision" - a community-based 20-year plan created in 2005.  A plan to revitalize Green Cove Springs.  

Thank You, 2015 was the last year we'll be presenting the ANNUAL ‚ÄčPARADE OF TREES.

Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time   

From Clay County (other than GCS).. 56%

From Green Cove Springs...................... 36%

From St. Johns County............................. 05%

From Other Locations.............................. 03%