2018  - 21st Year 

As seen from 1997-2012 only in Green Cove Springs (Spring Park) only during Memorial Day (mid-May - early June).  Now available to travel around Clay County.  Yes, we listened and learned.  YES, it's a Clay County activity worthy of being seen more often in more locations.  We now have three (three) displays, two full-size displays (A & B)  and one table top (TT) display.  

To learn how to host the display at your Clay County location follow this link.    
2018 Tentative DISPLAY SCHEDULE: 
  • 30Mar - April 9:AA Propane 1306 Idelwild Ave.  Green Cove

  • Request Pending Early Florida Village at the Clay County Fair

  • 14 Apr - pending request - Clay County V.A.D.

  • 20 -31 May: Developers Realty Group, 1845 Town Center, Fleming Island - pending

  • TBA   5 Jun (D-Day - Flag Day) June 14: TBA    

  • Jun 30 - 5 Jul : Penney Retirement Community  Main Entrance at SR 16 & CR 218

  • 4 -13 Sept:  AA Propane 1306 Idlewild Ave, GCS

  • 2 -12 Nov:  Kindred Hospital  Display A

  • Nov TBA - pending Penney Retirement Community  Main Entrance at SR 16 & CR 218  Display B

  • WE'LL ENTERTAIN YOUR REQUEST:  If you would like to host the display at your location please send us your request.  

Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time   


Parade of Flags Supporter  YOUR NAME Posted online.  $20.00 >>>

Departed Veteran: YOUR TRIBUTE on an 8.5”x11” laminated tribute with a 4"x6" Flag. On display at each scheduled location. Good for 2 years - renewable. $30.00

Non-Clay County Fallen Warriors):  YOUR TRIBUTE on a 14"x8.5" Laminated marker with a 4"x6" flag.  On Display at all scheduled locations. Good for 2 years - renewable.  $30.00

Clay County Fallen Warriors: ALL expenses for commissioning and maintaining a 3'x2' Cross with a 3'x2' Flag are 100% covered by Heritage Guides.  ALL Clay County Fallen Warriors Tributes are PAID IN FULL.   

We are not a government agency or department.  We receive no Federal, State, or Local taxpayers aid. 

NOTE: During the late winter and early spring of 2012 the display was revamped; crosses were reconditioned, names were reprinted, information sign boards and banners were added.   When seasonal storm conditions impacted the display, the first action plan is to remove the flags -- when severe storm conditions are pending the display may be removed.  

May 2013 the Green Cove Spring Junior High School, BETA Club hosted the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall (The Wall). Great Work – hats off the students, parents and staff!  Our Parade of Flags Team “mustered in” to help support their cause during the fall of 2012.  Additionally, we provided classroom heritage education for Charles E. Bennett 5th graders and at the event by placing flags – with the names - for all Clay County Vietnam fallen at the base of The Wall.   

Follow this link to read about the History & Future of the Clay County - Traveling -  Parade of Flags





The iconic static display honors all Clay County Fallen Warriors (FW) with a 3’x2’ wooden cross and 2’x3’ American flag.  Recently four new aspects were created: 1.) Heritage Flags (1500s' - present)   2.) Traveling Display  3.) Honoring Departed Veterans (Non-Casualties) with an 8.5”x11” laminated tribute and a 4”x6” flag. 4.) Honoring non-Clay County Fallen Warriors with a 14"x8.5" laminated tribute and a 4"x6" flag.


Each tribute includes the name and period they served -- from the American Revolution (1776) to present day. The Fallen Warrior or Departed Military Veteran does not have to be from Clay County.  Heritage Guides will screen and verify each application to determine the status of the nominee. Applicants may assist in the process by providing details and/or supporting documents. 

* Fallen Warrior (FW) Military - in theater - Casualty 

** Departed Veteran (DV) An honorable military veteran who is deceased.

Our long time policy remains, there is no cost to commemorate a Clay County Fallen Warrior.  We invite others throughout Clay County to let us know who is in need of such honor.  

For each non Clay County FW or each DV the fee is $30.00 (that covers 2 years); it includes your MESSAGE/TRIBUTE posted on the laminated marker.  

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More Information available via info@HeritageGuides.org or contact Art Yeaman at 904-449-4607.