Comments From Others

General Comments from program participants...

Fantastic, Very enjoyable...

Very Educational..  

Very well presented a lot of information shared..

It was a wondrous program.. 

Depth of knowledge about his life & era..

Live history presentation w/hands on..

I like the easy going narrative & the

printing press model... 

I enjoyed the description of Thomas Jefferson &
​the rocking chair...

Loved the lighting story and butter churn

What I liked the most was the costume...

I thought I was back in time...

... I believe that he may really be Dr. Franklin...

He gets the kids interest in asking questions

All the interesting tidbits about Ben Franklin...

He set the stage, for more learning and teaching... Enjoyed the presentation and liked hearing

about his family...

I like when he talked about the inventions...

I think I want to be an inventor too...

It was an excellent presentation...

I like the costume and manner, very professional..

He handled the crowd well...

Great presentation...

Keeping the attention of the younger listeners...  

Many Folks have stated... "I learned more American History in 45 minutes than any two years of schooling..."

Comments From Others

July 4, 2010: As a broadcast television and film director and stage actor myself for more than 30 years, I have marveled at portrayals of legendary characters by many great performers. From Hal Holbrook reenacting Mark Twain, to Gary Senise as Harry S. Truman, and Charlton Heston portraying Moses. Art Yeaman stands in their stellar ranks as a performer who can reach into history and bring back to vivid life the very essence of a great character from America's past. I feel honored anytime I get to see Art weave his historical magic! - Clayton Vandiver

He’s one of the best in the business. Dr. Shirley Hammond Education Director - George Bush Presidential Library & Museum, Texas A&M, College Station, Texas   

Raleigh, North Carolina Chapter Society of the Sons of the American Revolution: Your fine portrayal of Benjamin Franklin really came alive for our audience. I heard many compliments on your performance and know my membership loved you and your character. Thanks for making our celebration a memorable event.  I enjoyed participating on the following evening as your personal Continental Color Guard escorts during that grand entrance into the Cameron Village Library exhibition of "Benjamin Franklin: In search of a Better World".  Respectfully,  Glenn Sappie Sons of the American Revolution Raleigh, N.C.

Other Comments: Very Enjoyable, Very Educational, Very Well Presented.  

When Dr. Ben Franklin walks into the room, his historic past follows close behind. Citizens of all ages are compelled to listen and learn as he weaves a tapestry of tales of times past. Old Kings Elementary School, Bunnell,  Florida

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Doctor Franklin.  You truly made Ben Franklin "come alive" for us!  Jacksonville Public Library, Eastside Branch

We highly recommend him to any teacher who wishes to give students a hands-on experience with American history! Jordan Glen School, Archer, Florida

Sterling Performance!  Youth Leadership Foundation,  Fort Walton Beach, Florida 

He gets kids interested in asking questions. The kids have become more interested in reading since Ben visited with us. 


When is an "F" better than an "A"? 
When it come to Family, Faith, Frugality, Fallow, Finance, Fun, Fruitful, and FRANKLIN.

Meet Ben Franklin - PRINTER - Essayist * Scientist * Civic Leader * Inventor * Statesman * Diplomat * Abolitionist * Philosopher

Heritage Guides founder/director (Art Yeaman) as Ben Franklin is your the "Key" to Living History and Applied Heritage.  

AVAILABLE for your events and activities.  Business, Civic Group, School, Library or Private Function

BUSINESS:  Ben opened the gates to our trade and entrepreneurship in the 1720's with his desire to be self employed.  His business ideas of Free Enterprise helped develop our nation.  Send for "Ben" to attend your next business seminar or business promotional event. 

ORGANIZATIONS / CIVIC GROUPS: Make it fun and educational.  After all, your group has the right to enjoy freedom to assemble because Ben and others took a stand against a tyrant.   Ben can do more than just add life into your programs. He may put money into your organization.  Call today, to schedule a program and or ask about a fund raising event. 

SCHOOLS:  You can do more than just meet the education standards, you can exceed them by providing the students with an interactive program to promote READING, SCIENCE and the ARTS.  Do not delay --- the students are counting on you to invite Ben Franklin.  The results: Better Readers -- Better Learners -- Better Citizens.  

LIBRARIES:  After all Ben was the founder of our public library system and promoted the need for education via the library.  Ben is a great fit for your "story hour" --ages 5-95.

Request a program soon. 

Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time