Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time   


Lest We Forget


  • Think About YOUR Display Location: Outside lawn/landscape area of at least 700 square feet*.   How will it be viewed by the public or in the case of a specific event your guests? 

  • Tell Us Who You Are and why you want to host the display. Will the display be in conjunction with an event or program? 

  • Be willing to designate a POC:  Your POC (point of contact) should be able to discuss display logistics, location,  responsibilities, dates, times, etc.   

  • Clear soil conditions *: each cross is mounted on rebar that is placed 8” in the ground; the tribute signs are staked 4" into the ground.  We may request a utility locate*.  

  • Lights/ Illumination /Electrical Power: Required for Flags to remain overnight.* 

  • Mowing and Vehicle Access:  Plan to mow prior to set up - no mowing, line trimming or blowing debirs in or around the display.  Clear access to a vehicle with a 10’ utility trailer.* 

  • Tell Us Who You Are and why you want to host the display.  

  • Responsibilities:  1.) Designate a point of contact to address display location, dates, times, and payment.   2.) Designate an on-site responsible person to handle the day to day responsibilities.

FEES:  Range from $150.00 to $750.00 depending on display dates, partnership, other scheduled events, and assistance.  

​​* Site Visit Required.  During drought conditions, advance water may be required.  


More Information available on the Parade of Flags page or contact Art Yeaman at 904-449-4607.     

Make Reservation/Security Deposit   $50.00    ​​

NOTE: During the late winter and early spring of 2012 the display was revamped; crosses were reconditioned, names were reprinted, information sign boards and banners were added.   When seasonal storm conditions impacted the display, the first action plan is to remove the flags -- when severe storm conditions are pending the display may be removed.  

May 2013 the Green Cove Spring Junior High School, BETA Club hosted the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall (The Wall). Great Work – hats off the students, parents and staff!  Our Parade of Flags Team “mustered in” to help support their cause during the fall of 2012. Additionally, we provided classroom heritage education for Charles E. Bennett 5th graders and the event by placing flags – with the names - for all Clay County Vietnam fallen at the base of The Wall.   This project provided a Re-Birth for the Parade of Flags. Follow this link to read about the History of the Parade of Flags