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CIVIL WAR: "War  Between the States"-1861-1865 - CSA - CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY


Clay County was new, created in 1858. Our seat of government was in Middleburg.  Many local men answered the call to defend States Rights.  Ten men who served in the Confederate States Army never came home.  

Died of disease at Chattanooga Hospital, TN    2 JUNB 1862
Private, Confederate States Army, First Florida Cavalry, Company C. 
From Cumberland, Maryland, born in 1814. He first enlisted 19 Jan 1836 at Lancaster, MD, under Capt Boyce for 3 years. 2nd Dragoons, Co D.  As we know it he served in the Florida Indian Wars when he was 21, discharge 1839.   Married, Clay County Farmer, Magnolia resident 1860 census.  He enlisted 7 Nov 1861 under Capt Summerlin at Magnolia. Dismounted 13 May 1862, along with Claiborn Ginann and Henry E Dickerson in effect became infantry.  His net worth was $50, he had a wife and a 63 old mother in law, and a 12-year-old child of some unknown family living in the home.  He had hazel eyes, brown hair, and a dark complexion; stood 5' 9" tall.   We tend to think he sign up to go to war because he was a poor, this was a way to earn a living at that time. 

HENRY KNOWLES  Age 18 - perhaps
Died in Knoxville, TN.  29 DEC 1862 
Private, Confederate States Army, First Florida Cavalry, Company C. 
Born in 1846 to his parents, Bird Knowles and Charity Jackson, Telfair Co. Georgia.  Born 1846.  In 1860 the family Henry, older brother Emanuel, brother Thomas and sisters Angeline and Fanny were living Magnolia, Clay County.  He was 14 in the August 1860 census.  Apparently he "stated" he was of age (19) to enlist.  Even though he was actually 15 years old, perhaps 16  when he enlisted on 17 Oct 1861 under Captains Summerlin and Stockton. His horse was valued at $125.00. He dismounted 13 May 1862 in effect became infantry.  We have confirmed (Apr 2015) he is buried at the Bethel Cemetery Knoxville, TN.  The Knowles family still have descendants in Clay County today.

Died in Knoxville, TN HospitaL  4 APR 1863   Former POW 
Private, Confederate States Army,  First Florida Cavalry, Company C. 
Born 1843. Clay County 1860 census shows several Ginan children living with Frederick and Elizabeth Alvarez Ginan (Gnann) Barthlow. Enlisted 17 Oct 1861 in Middleburg, under Capt.  Summerlin and Capt. Stockton. His horse was worth $140.00. He dismounted on 13  May 1862 along with Henry Dickerson and John W Clarke, in effect became infantry.  Captured in Kentucky in late 1862.  His POW record is vague - “captured and paroled by union forces in Kentucky in Sept, October, November last, who have reported to Gen. Bragg and were places in Camp at Chattanooga, Tenn. Declared exchanged by Col. Robt . Ould by telegram to Maj Fairbanks A.A.I.G., 11 Jan 1863.”  We know him to be paroled in January 1863.  Buried in local Bethel Cemetery, Knoxville, TN.  His death his final effects were $13.75.  His mother Elizabeth filed a claim on 16 July 1864.  The blended Ginan, Barthlow (Bartholomew), and Alvarez families are Clay County pioneer families with military service heritage and connection to constructed the Middleburg Methodist Church in 1828, oldest church in Clay County and first Methodist Church in the Florida territory. There are numerous Gnann family descendants in Clay County today.  We believe he is buried at the Bethel Cemetery Knoxville, TN.
NOTE: Numerous name spellings: Claburn Guinan, Claburn Guinnan, Claborn Guinann… the correct spelling is for this purpose is  Claiborn Ginan, as per military records.  The family surname is correctly spelled Gnann in most Clay County records.

JOSEPH LANG    Age 23 perhaps 
Died of disease in a Loudon Hospital, TN  28 APR 1863  POW
Private,  Confederate States Army,  First Florida Cavalry, Company C.   Military records show the last name as LONG
Born 1839. Joseph had a wife named Mary, age 20 per the 1860 census. Cannot find certain proof that he was William Lang’s son but based on the circumstantial evidence, we are fairly certain he was. We know William Lang to be a large slaveholder on Clay County.
He enlisted under Capt Summerlin and Stockton on 17 Oct 1861 in Middleburg; dismounted 7 Jun 1862, in effect became infantry. During his service, Joseph was placed on extra duty as a teamster starting 13 Aug 1862. He was given a $12 allowance for use of and risk of his horse.  
At some point, we believe he was captured.  As we know it, after he died of disease in a Loudon TN hospital records show he was buried in the prison cemetery.

Died of disease, Asylum Hospital Dalton, GA  30 OCT 1863
5th Sgt.  Confederate States Army   First Florida Cavalry, Company C. 
His family was from South Carolina, Henry being born in Dooly County Georgia in 1840 while the family was on their way to Florida.  Clay County census 1860, son of William N and Martha Dickerson; brother William J, sisters Mary, Jane, Sarah, and Elizabeth.  He enlisted 17 Oct 1861 in Middleburg under Capt. Summerlin's Co. Davis Regiment as a private at age 21.  Dismounted 13 May 1862, along with Claiborn Ginann and John W Clarke in effect became infantry.  Promoted 5th Sgt 15 Aug 1862. His horse was valued at $125.  Absent for sickness in the hospital starting 24 Oct 1863.  His personal effects included $5.00, a watch, plus $30 owed to him.  His brother William J Dickerson. also enlisted (same time and place) assigned to the same company.  Apparently the brothers stuck together until William got sick 7 Sep 1862 in Kentucky and stayed sick through November.  William was captured in East Florida 16 Aug 1864 on and ended up at Hilton Head. He was swapped in a prisoner exchange 15 Mar 1865. By 1870 William was the man of the house, the father William was dead. Mother and sister Elizabeth lived with him here in Clay Co.

Killed at Missionary Ridge at the Battle of Missionary Ridge (near Lookout Mountain)  Chattanooga 25 OCT 1863 
1st Sgt.  Confederate States Army  First Florida Cavalry, Company C. 

He was the son of Levi Cater and Saloma Rowe, born about 1833 in South Carolina. He stood only 5'  4" tall.  Married to Sarah C. Harris. Before the war, he was a local farmer. He enlisted in Middleburg - as a Farrier - under Capt Summerlin and Capt. Stockton on 17 Oct 1861, dismounted 13 May 1862.  He was promoted to 1st Sgt. 20 Jun 1862. 

Died in Savannah, GA  Gastritis fever "the “gathering of throat” or Pneumonia. 27 NOV 1863 
Private, Confederate States Army, Tenth Florida Infantry, Company A.
Most likely he was not born here, he lived in Ware  County Georgia during the 1850s.  He was living in Clay County in 1860 with his parents Richard Hiram Bennett and Rebecca Boatwright Bennett.  Enlisted 3 Sep 1861 during April 1862 he is on furlough out sick.  Sept 1863 his name is on the roll for the hospital at Guyton Georgia, a PVT in Co B, 1st Regiment Florida.    Buried the next day in Laurel Grove Cemetery Lot #850 Grave #4.  The Savannah board of health minute books  and grave diggers notes say he died of gastritis fever and wrote “warning” next to his name.  .There were 25 burials that month in Laurel Grove . 15 were civilians, typhoid was going around.

One of 7,000 killed at "Wilderness" Cold Harbor, VA   3 JUN 1864
Captain, Confederate States Army,  Second Florida Infantry, Co. H  (St. Augustine Rifle - Jacksonville) 

Charles Seton Fleming was a member of the legendary Fleming Family.  Hibernia, Fleming Plantation (Fleming Island)  Mother: Margaret;  Father: Lewis.  Born at Panama Mills 9 Feb 1839; a childhood survivor of the Florida Indian Wars.  Educated in Jefferson Co. and worked in Chicago; returning to Florida in 1857.  He wanted to attend the U.S. Military Academy but instead enrolled in Kings Mountain Military School at Yorkville, S.C.  After one year he returned to Florida where he served as a purser on the Steamer St. Mary’s from 1859-1860. He then studied law at his brother Louis’s office in Jacksonville. Joined the Jacksonville militia company on 9 May 1861; promoted Adjutant in October 1861.  Severely wounded 5 May 1862 while retrieving Col Ward's body from the battlefield at Williamsburg, VA.  He remained at the local Baptist Church Hospital and was captured. Exchanged at Aiken’s Landing. VA  Aug 1862/  Appointed Captain of Company G, 2nd Florida Infantry 8 Oct 1862; commanded the 2nd Florida Infantry at Gettysburg.  His final letter to his wife dated 23 May 1864, he ominously wrote: “I hope that God will continue to protect me as He has heretofore done; but if it is His will that I be killed, we must bow to it. He does everything for the best.”  
On 3 Jun 1864, he was one of 7,000 killed at "Wilderness" Cold Harbor, VA.  He was mortally wounded during the charge and was shot down about thirty yards from the US lines. His body was found two days later by some Alabama soldiers and was buried on the field at McGehee farm, later moved to Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond and buried near Adjutant Reid.   He was described as “strikingly handsome with a fair and ruddy complexion, brown hair and clear, bluish- gray eye.” 

Killed by heavy artillery bombardment near Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, GA   20 JUN 1864
Private, Confederate States Army, First Florida Cavalry, Company C. 
Born 1843, Abram David Roberts was the son of William A.D. Roberts and Nancy Johnson. The family had come to Florida from Camden Co Georgia. The 1850 Duval County census shows the family was living in Black Creek district.  Enlisted 17 Oct 1861 in Middleburg and was dismounted 13 May 1862, in effect became infantry. He left sick in Kentucky in late 1862 but returned in early 1863. Killed by heavy artillery bombardment near Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, GA. 

JOHN PEACOCK Age 37 - perhaps 
Died at Fairgrounds #2 Hospital, Atlanta, Ga. 4 JUL 1864  Former POW
Private,  Confederate States Army, First Florida Cavalry, Company C. 
Born cir 1827. The Peacock's are known to be from Georgia.  However, John, age 25 was living with the Broadnax family in the Black Creek District (Duval Co) in 1850. (Clay Hill census shows a Madison Peacock age 24, perhaps related. We have reason to believe  John’s middle initial was E.   He enlisted 17 Oct 1861 in Middleburg; dismounted 13 May 1862, in effect became infantry.  Sick 7 Sep 1862 and capture 8 Oct 1862 in Danville Ky.  Paroled in early 1863 at the Alton, IL Military Prison and exchanged 1 Apr 1863 at City Point, VA.  Perhaps he never fully recovered after the notorious harsh conditions at the Alton, IL  Military Prison.  Via the Historic Oakland Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia we have confirmed (Apr 2015) he is buried at Oakland Cemetery.  Perhaps he died on 2 Jul 1864; personal effects sundries. 

NOTE:  This FW listing has basic information, the e-book (PARADE OF HERITAGE) has more detailed information and many pictures.

NOTE:  This FW listing has basic information, the e-book (PARADE OF HERITAGE) has more detailed information and many pictures.

We encourage people all over Clay County to become more aware of this worthy project.  This is the least glorified aspect of working on the 2016 TAPS Monument Project.  Many hours, days, months have been spent doing the research.  A small team has completed the first phase of this process - PUBLISH A CLAY COUNTY, FLORIDA FALLEN WARRIOR NAMES LIST.  We searched to retrieving documents, made phone calls, snail mailed and email letters, traveled, ventured through cemeteries, and visit with others.


To do the right thing - because it is the right thing to do.  

Created by: National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in
Southeast Asia, Families of POW*MIA
(Prisoner of War * Missing In Action)

1971: After Mary Hoff (Orange Park, FL) learned that her husband was A POW*MIA she became involved with other families....   Saying we need a flag...   "I don't want a lot of colors… I saw a picture of one of those POWs wearing black pajamas...  we need a basic black and white flag."

1988: For the first time, the POW/MIA flag flew over the White House on National POW/MIA Recognition Day; during the 100th Congress (9 March 1989) the flag was placed in the Rotunda at the U.S. Capital.  

Here At Home - Clay County, Florida - we do not forget.  Godspeed.  Thank You Families of our POW*MIA  


NOTE:  This FW listing has basic information, the e-book (PARADE OF HERITAGE)has more detailed information and many pictures.






WORLD WAR I      1914 - 1918     USA 1917 - 1918

EUROPE: Geo-Political war with Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turks Bulgaria)


WORLD WAR II   1939-1945
AXIS OF EVIL  (Japan, Germany, and Italy) 
PACIFIC THEATER (1941-1945) to combat the Empire of Japan invasion of China, Burma, Philippines, U.S.A...  

EUROPE and NORTH AFRICA THEATER (1942-1945) to combat German and Italian invasion of Poland, England, France...





KOREA 1950 - 1953

Communist North Korea invaded South Korea  
Cold War 1945-1989:  War Against COMMUNISM - Democratic Socialism


VIETNAM  1959-1975

North Vietnam, supported by Communist (Soviet Union & China) Invades The Republic of Vietnam
Cold War 1945-1991:  Defending Human Freedom,  On Duty To Combat  COMMUNISM - Democratic Socialism 








GULF WAR 1990 - 1991:  Operation Desert Storm - Liberating Kuwait from the government of Saddam Hussein.

AFGHANISTAN 2001 -  ________.   Operation Enduring FREEDOM.   Radical Islamic terrorist group,
al-Qaeda attacks these United States of America.

IRAQ  2003 - 2011, 2014 -  __________.    Operation Iraqi FREEDOM:  Topple the government of Saddam Hussein.
Free the region of Global Radical Islamic Terror.




NOTE:  This FW listing has basic information, the e-book (PARADE OF HERITAGE) has more detailed information and many pictures.

VIETNAM 1959-1975:   
North Vietnam, supported by Communist (Soviet Union & China) Invades The Republic of Vietnam
Cold War 1945-1991:  Defending Human Freedom,
On Duty To Combat  COMMUNISM - Democratic Socialism 


NOTE:  This FW listing has basic information, the e-book (PARADE OF HERITAGE) has more detailed information and many pictures.

JAMES G BLACKSHEAR Age 19  KIA  Purple Heart
Killed In Action:  17 MAR 1968

Kontum Province, Republic South Vietnam. Hostile, died outright, ground casualty, small arms fire.  

On the Wall: Panel W45, Line 8 .  

Specialist 4, U.S. Army, A Company, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne.   MOS 11B2P: Infantryman
James Guy Blackshear was born in Gainesville 7 Sept 1948.  Home of Record is Bradford County (Starke) however, his family lived at Kingsley Lake, Clay County.  He remembered by some as being a life guard at Kingsley Lake.  His tour in country started 15 Aug 1967.  Parents Mr. and Mrs. James M Blackshear and brother Tommy were presented his  Silver Star for exceptional gallantry.  While serving as squad leader he personally led the maneuver element to destroy the enemy bunker with hand grenades and even though he was seriously wounded he continued to give covering fire for his squad until he was killed by the enemy. Body recovered, "Jimmy" is buried at Kingsley Lake Cemetery, Clay County, Florida. 

RALPH N BRIGHT    Age 22   KIA   Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 21 APR 1970
Binh Dinh Province, Republic South Vietnam.  Hostile, died outright, ground casualty, explosive.
On the Wall: Panel W11, Line 30.
Corporal, U S Army, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade.  
MOS 11B2P: Infantryman
Ralph North Bright was born 21 Apr 1948, son of Harold R Bright and Caroline Agnes Chadwick of Doctors Inlet, Clay County, Florida. Ralph was married with a child when he was killed. Ralph had two siblings John Chadwick and Kimberly Dawn Bright. He attended Orange Park High School. Tour in country stated 28 Feb 1970, Posthumous promotion to Corporal. KIA on his 22nd birthday. Buried in Peoria Cemetery, Doctors Inlet, Clay County, Florida.

GARY R COOPER   Age 21   KIA    Purple Heart
Killed In Action:  8 NOV 1968
Quang Ngai Province, Republic of South Vietnam.  Hostile, died outright, ground casualty, small arms fire.
On the Wall: Panel W39, Line 36.  
Corporal,  U.S. Army,  A Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, 23rd Division. Service # 53703769.  MOS 11B10 Light Weapons Infantry.
Gary Ray Cooper was born in Indiana 23 Jul 1947, son of  Kenneth Dee Cooper (1922 - 1993)  Joanna May Coplen Cooper (1923 - 2013).  He had two siblings: Larry Frank Cooper (1941-2005) and a sister who died at age 7 in 1951, Marianne Kay Cooper.  He grew up in Keystone Heights.  Tour in country started 6 May 1968.  Bronze Star, posthumously promoted.  Body recovered - "Coop" is buried at Keystone Heights Cemetery, Clay County, Florida.    

PAUL J CUMMINGS JR   Age 19      KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action:  13 OCT 1968   Bien Hoa Province, Republic South Vietnam. Vehicle mishap, Non Hostile casualty.  

On the Wall: Panel W41, Line 57
Specialist 4th Class U.S. Army, 4512th Quartermaster Company, 64th Quartermaster Battalion, 1st Logistical Command. MOS 76W20: Petroleum Supply Specialist.

Paul Joseph Cummings Jr. was born 5 May 1949. Home of Record: Doctors Inlet, FL.  Tour in country started 13 Oct 1967. His father was Paul Joseph Cummings , Sr. (1922-1963). Body recovered, buried at Jacksonville Memory Gardens Orange Park, Clay County, Florida. Since then his brother Matthew J Cummings (1961-1979) is buried alongside him.  

HERMAN L GURR  Age 23      KIA     Air Medal 
Killed In Action:  15 JAN 1967
Phong Dinh Province, Republic South Vietnam. Helicopter Aircrew, aircraft mishap, Non Hostile casualty.  

On the Wall: Panel W14, Line 34 .   Specialist Sixth Class, U.S. Army, 147th Assault Support Helicopter Company, 222nd Combat  Support Aviation Battalion, 12th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade.    MOS 67U20 Multi-Engine Tandem-Rotor Helicopter Mechanic.  Service # 14699898
Herman "Leroy" Gurr was born 9 Jan 1944, son of Julian Moses Gurr and Henrietta Gurr. By at least 1952 the Gurr family was living in Clay County. In 1970, Herman’s brother Patrick Gurr, was killed in a water skiing accident in Clay County. Patrick was also a Vietnam veteran, having served in the Army. Julian Gurr was a Navy man serving from 1939 to 1947. Herman had other siblings, they were: Pamela Sue Gurr, Linda Lee Gurr and Randall Paul Gurr. Herman was married at the time of his death. Tour in country stated 8 Mar 1966.   John Bowles said he and Gurr, a helicopter crew chief during the war, were in the Boy Scouts together. Body recovered, "Leroy" is buried at Cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery  Section 12 Site 4833 

MICHAEL G HOFF, SR  Age 33  MIA, POW, KIA     Purple Heart
Shot Down: 7 Jan 1970

Reconnaissance over Laos, aircraft fire, bail-out. Laos did not report him as a Prisoner. Missing In Action until 16 Nov 1978 - KIA- age 42.  

On the Wall: Panel W14, Line 8.
Commander, U.S. Navy ,  Attack Squadron 86, Carrier Air Wing 15,  7th Fleet,  Pilot A-7A Vought Corsair II,   USS Coral Sea CVA-43
Michael George Hoff Jr. was born 11 Sep 1936, son of Michael G Hoff and Joan Pidcock Hoff Colwell of Baker, Oregon.  Prior to deployment he was stationed at NAS Cecil Field. His wife, Mary Hoff, and children Charlie, Suzanne, and Michael Jr. were living Orange Park when he became MIA; they attended St. Catherine’s Catholic Church on Kingsley Ave. In 1971, Mary, member of the National League of Families, recognized the need for a symbol of our POW/MIAs. See Special Tribute for more information.

LARRY B JENKINS   Age 20     KIA      Purple Heart
Killed In Action:  9 APR 1968
Binh Duong Province, Republic of South Vietnam.  Hostile, died outright, ground casualty, burns.
On the Wall: Panel W49, Line 2.
Private First Class, U.S. Army, 526th Collection, Classification and Salvage Company, 5th Maintenance Battalion, 593rd General Support Group ,1st Logistics Command, Army Support Command.  
Larry Barney Jenkins was born on July 17, 1947, son of Barney Jenkins (1917 - 1999) Lula Bell Jenkins (1920 - 1984).  The family lived in Middleburg Florida.  Drafted, his tour in country started 10 Dec 1967.  Body recovered.  Larry is buried at Fowler Cemetery, Middleburg, Clay County, Florida.  Survived by son Darryl and sister________Battle

Died of Malaria: 20 JUN 1968
Quang Tri Province, Republic of South Vietnam. Non Hostile casualty.
On the Wall: Panel W55, Line 7
al, U S Marine Corps,  G Battery, 2nd Battalion, 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Division   Service #:2221374   MOS 0341 Mortarman
Michael Benjamin Kopetski was born 3 Mar 1949 , son of Benjamin and Jeanette Kopetski of Rockland, Massachusetts and Orange Park Florida.  His father died in 1997.  Michael Kopetski’ s mother, Jeanette resides in Elkton, Florida and sister Bunny Rogers married to David Rogers, all of Atlanta.  Start Tour  11 Nov 1967.   Body recovered, buried Jacksonville Memory Gardens Orange Park, Clay County, Florida.

WAYNE C KURLIN Age 18    KIA    Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 5 MAY 1968
Quang Nam Province, Republic of South Vietnam. Hostile, died outright, ground casualty, explosive.    
On the Wall: Panel E55, Line 20
Private First Class, U.S. Marine Corps, G Company, 2nd Battalion, 27th Marines Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Service # 2334141,  MOS 0311 Rifleman.

Wayne Carlton Kurlin was born 28 Nov 1949, son of  Doyle Carlton Kurlin, Sr. thought to be (not sure) the father. Perhaps a sibling  - Doyle C Kurlin, Jr.( living in Jax area). Tour Date 16 Feb 1968.  Body recovered, buried at Jacksonville Memory Gardens, Orange Park, Clay, Florida.     Looking for more info - please help call 904-449-4607. 

DOUGLAS A LENTZ  Age 18    KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 29 FEB 1968  Qang Tri Province (near DMZ) Republic of South Vietnam. Hostile, died outright, ground casualty, small arms fire.
Private First Class, United States Marine Corps, M Co, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines Regiment, 1st Marine Division.  Service  # 2366663  MOS 0311 Rifleman

On the Wall: Panel E42, Line 07 
Douglas Alan Lentz was born 6 May 1949, son of  son of Monte Gaylord Watson Lentz and Margaret Fern Voise Lentz. The family was originally from Montana, mover to Orange Park, FL.  He married Candice Laureen O’Neil on 11 Sep 1967, he was 18; she was 17, with child. His tour in country started 20 Oct 1967.  According to Brian (Snooks) Strasser  (his squad leader) Liberty Township, Ohio - just days before he was killed Douglas received a photo of his newborn son - proudly showing him off.  ""Shortly before sunset you stood up in your foxhole to stretch your legs. A single shot rang out and you were killed instantly by a NVA sniper's bullet.."   Body Recovered, interment 13 Mar 1968 Arlington National Cemetery Section 51 Site 2407.  Candice O’Neil Lentz died June 21, 2001 in Clay County. Body recovered, buried 13 Mar. 1968 Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia  Plot: Section 51 Site 2407.

OTIS PARKER  Age 27     KIA    VALOR     Army Cross, Silver Star, Purple Heart 
Killed In Action: 18 JUL 1970
Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam.  Hostile, died outright, ground casualty,  
small arms fire.  
On the Wall: Panel W08, Line 30   
Sergeant First Class, U.S. Army,  Airborne Ranger, Special Forces,  "Green Berets" Unit A-503, Detachment B-55, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces.  MOS 11F -Infantry Operations and Intelligence Specialist  
Awards:  Bronze star medal & 3 Oak Leaf Clusters.  Silver Star for conspicuous gallantry in action.  Posthumous decoration - Army Distinguished Service Cross  for extraordinary heroism.
Otis "Buck" Parker was born 4 Nov 1940 son of Otis Parker and Mary Keen Otis and Mary were from West Virginia.  Otis was married to Lucia M. Parker, living in Fayetteville, NC at the time of his death.  Home of record Green Cove Springs, Florida.   Recovered Buried Hickory Grove Cemetery, Green Cove Springs, Florida

NOTE: During their time in Vietnam, members of his unit earned 16 Medals of Honor, making it the most prominently decorated unit for its size in that conflict. Members of the unit continued to conduct intelligence operations in Southeast Asia until the collapse of the South Vietnamese government on 29 April 1975.  The 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) was featured in the movie The Green Berets, starring John Wayne.

Died In Action: 4 NOV 1968  Province not reported, Republic of South Vietnam. Non-Hostile, died of a Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident).   On the Wall: Panel 39W, Line 18. 
Specialist Fourth Class,  U S Army  B Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 198th Infantry Brigade.  Service #11758528  MOS 11B20 Light Weapons Infantry 
Arthur James Ross, Jr  was born 19 Oct 1946, son of Arthur J Ross, Sr and Selma Ross. His siblings: Carrie, Joyce, Evelyn, Linda, Albert, Lawrence, David, Charlie and Carl.  The family has resided in Green Cove Springs since 1945.  He attended Dunbar High School.   Single, tour stated 5 Dec 1967.  Body Recovered, burial unknown.  
DON R SCOTT  Age 22       KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 22 APR 1970
Quang Nam Province, Republic of South Vietnam. Hostile, died outright, ground casualty, explosive device.
On the Wall: Panel W11, Line 38
Hospital Corpsman Petty Officer Third Class, U.S. Navy, assigned to Marine H&S Company M, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division (Rein) Fleet Marine Forces.
Don Russell Scott was born Great Lakes , Illinois  on 14 Jun 1947 son of Burton E. and Geraldine Biggs Scott.  Married, wife Carol Ann, and daughter Nancy Elizabeth Scott all Green Cove Spring. Enlisted  22 Aug 1968 in Jacksonville FL, tour in country started 28 Nov 1969.  "Doc" was wounded a waiting medivac when booby traps was tripped; it exploded causing his death.  Body recovered, buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery Green Cove Springs Clay County Florida   Plot: Section D, Lot 11, Grave 3.  Both of his parents passed away in Clay County in Father in 2007 and Mother in 2012.
John Bowles describes him as "very studious" in high school and the kind of person who would put his own life in jeopardy to help another.
From and   “Doc Scott was a good Corpsman of Marines. He tended my wounds and eased my pain when I was wounded in February 1970. He always cared more about his Marines than about himself. Semper Fi Doc Scott! Rest in peace. JRV”    Added by alores 26 May 2008.    Also it is worth noting Don’s father was a career Navy man who was captured (POW) the Japanese from 1942 to 1945 at the Fukuoka POW Camp #1, Kashii, Kyushu Island (Southwest Pacific Theater: Philippine Islands

QUINCY H TRUETT Age 36 KIA VALOR      Navy Cross, Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 20 JAN 1969  
Kinh Dong Tien Canal,  Republic of South Vietnam. Hostile, died outright, River Boat Casualty (mortar/artillery).  
On the Wall: Panel W34, Line 46. 
Boatswain's Mate Chief, US Navy, River Division 551, River Patrol Flotilla  FIVE, Task Force 116 (TF-116), 7th Fleet.  Posthumous awarded  Navy Cross  for incredible courage and extraordinary heroism. On 3 Feb 1973, his wife as Geri Truett attend the commissioning of USS Truett (DE-1095) a Knox Class Destroyer Escort named in his honor.  
Quincy "Cotton" Hightower Truett was born 3 Apr 1932, son of Quincy Truett and Fleeder Hampton, both of Georgia. Quincy lived in Clay County from at least 1958, if not earlier, till his death. When he died he left behind 6 children and his wife Geraldine - when she was asked my her husband served she said his explanation was “That’s where the war is; that’s where I belong." Body recovered  "Cotton" is buried at  Hickory Grove Cemetery, Green Cove Springs, Florida.  

BRUCE TUCKER   Age 28        KIA   Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 1 OCT 1967

Province not reported, Republic of South Vietnam. Hostile, helicopter shot down (non-aircrew) died out right.  

On the Wall: Panel E27, Line 38.
Major,  U.S. Army,  E Company, 52nd Infantry Long Range Patrol , 1st Cavalry Division  Service # O5310699
David Bruce Tucker  was born 15 Feb 1939, son of Major General R.H. Tucker was the Citadel Commandant and Army 82nd Infantry WWII Veteran.  His wife Gwynne and two daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth were living in Clay County at the time of his death. Tour started 6 Feb 1967.  Body recovered, he's buried near his father at Beaufort National Cemetery Beaufort, South Carolina, USA Plot: Sec 16 Site 62

RAY F WILLIAMS   Age 20  KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 27 DEC 1966

Quang Tri Province, Republic of South Vietnam. Hostile, died outright, ground casualty,  explosive device.

On the Wall: Panel E13, Line 88

2nd Lieutenant, U.S. Army B Co , 39th Engineering Battalion ,18th Engineering Brigade, 45th Engineering Group, Corps of Engineers.  MOS 1331-Combat Engineer Unit Commander
Ray Francis Williams was born 7 Feb. 1946, he grew up in Green Cove Springs and had family ties to Clay County. He play Little League Baseball in Green Cove Springs with John Bowles. Rays family moved to Lake City some time in 1963 or 1964. Married, tour started 10 Dec 1966; casualty 17 days in country.  Body recovered buried Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens Lake City Columbia County Florida.    

CLAUDE D WILSON JR    Age 31   KIA     Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Purple Heart
Killed In Action: 14 DEC 1966  
Flying over North Vietnam. Hostile, shot down, died outright.  Body Not Recovered. Repatriated 15 Dec 1988 - returned to U.S. soil, Identified.  
On the Wall: Panel E13, Line 46
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, Attack Squadron 7,  USS ROOSEVELT (CVA 42),  Unrestricted Line Officer - Pilot - Naval Aviator, A-4 SkyHawk, Service #:553464123.

Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross 11 Nov 1966 for an independent run on anti-aircraft batteries; he destroyed the target with a direct hit.  
Claude David Wilson, Jr. was born 14 Aug 1935, native of Stockton, Oregon.  Clay County businessman, Jerry Agresti was on the same combat mission - he saw "Chuck's" A-4 SkyHawk go down in flames.  "It looked like a burning leaf falling from the sky...That'll stay in my mind for as long as I live."   Chuck was killed instantly - two weeks - prior to his date to rotated home to his wife and three children in Orange Park. 

This a first ever for Clay County, Florida.  

The primary goal of the Ebook project was to simply publish our basic findings and discoveries from a yearlong study.  An updated 
e-book, 3rd edition Jan 2017, with many pictures is available upon request.

Please note the ebook is NOT a polished product, it's a Tool.  A polish edition comes later!  Anyone who pays for the e-book will receive future editions at no cost through the calendar year 2017 and special offers for future editions.    
Thank You!   
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WORLD WAR I July 1914 - Nov 1918 (USA involvement 1917-1918)

The War To End All Wars
EUROPE: Geo-Political war with Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turks Bulgaria) 

Died of Lobar Pneumonia in France  25 Sep 1918
Private, U.S. Army,  Company L  807th Pioneer Infantry Service #  4185617
Born in Hibernia on 4 Aug 1895.  Single, Black Male.  He was living in Green Cove Springs at the time of his induction. Aug 4, 1918.  He served in the  61 Co 13 Training Battalion Brigade prior to going overseas.  Upon his death, Emma F Knight (Mother) Hibernia was notified.   We believe he is buried at the Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, Departement de l'Aisne, Picardie, France. Find A Grave Memorial# 56638401.  

Died of Pneumonia in France  7 Oct 1918
Private, US Army  Corps of Engineer Company D 546th Engineers Service Battalion  Service #  4185597
Born Feb 7 1892 in Talatha, Aiken, South Carolina, he lived in Charleston South, prior to coming to Clay County. He was living in Green Cove Springs when he registered for the draft.  Inducted at Green Cove Springs on Aug 4 1918.  A Black, Male, Divorced.   He served overseas Sept 26 1918 to death, he died in theater.  Miss Elizabeth Howard (friend) in Green Cove Springs was notified.  Apparently, the military considered her next of kin, so she was notified.  Records indicate he is buried at  Suresnes American Cemetery, des Hauts-de-Seine, Ille-de-Fance, France.  His name is in the “Action or buried at sea” section on the Tablets of the Missing.   

Date of death not known.  

Unknown rank and branch of service
Single, Black Male. His draft card, date 5 Jun 1917 lists him as residence as Leno, (south of Green Cove) Clay County Florida.  He was working at a turpentine camp.  The Florida WWI Fatal Casualties List, created by the Fl  National Guard it appears lists him as being from GCS.  The local draft board listing from National Archives (dated 4 Aug 1918) has him as from being from GCS.   We are rather confident he's a Clay County Fallen Warrior, however we sure would like to find more information.  Please Help.

BENJAMIN LEE    Ensign   Age 24 

Killed in Action  Plane crash during a North Sea mission. ENGLAND  28 OCT 1918  Navy Cross (Posthumous) 
Ensign, Navy Reserve Forces,  Naval Aviation Pilot, Curtiss Sea Plane 
Born in Philadelphia in 1895. By 1904 the family moved to  Jacksonville, a local so to speak. His mother and stepfather, Mary Cook Justice Lee and Joshua Coffin Chase owned a beautiful home in Riverside. His stepfather was a wealthy fruit merchant and horticulturist. He wanted to be an Army or Navy aviator.  The family wealth enabled him to pursue his flying dreams despite have very poor eyesight.  He stated flight training in Miami, Florida on 1 May 1917.  With twelve days of training, Ben passed all the tests to obtain an Aero Club license and a diploma from the Curtiss School. He was accepted into the Navy as an aviator, with a waiver because of his eyesight and being underweight.  Finally, he was commission at Norfolk, VA.  Assigned to U. S. Naval Air Station, Killinqholme, England.  He was dispatched for an important mission to escort and protect troop and cargo ships.  After take-off his aircraft went into a slide and spin, crashing in the Humber River.   In 1941 LEE AIR FIELD in Green Cove Springs was named in his honor.

NOTE: He was not from Clay County, however, today, we (HG) acknowledge him as an Honorary Clay County Resident.

Benjamin Lee will NOT be on the Clay County Fallen Warriors Monument.

AFGHANISTAN 2001 -  present  Operation Enduring FREEDOM  
Radical Islamic terrorist group, al-Qaeda attacks these United States of America.
US war history with Islamic Terror with USA:  1801-1805, 1979 - present
Defending Human Freedom

BRADLEY S CROSE  Age 23  KIA  VALOR   Bronze Star, Purple Heart  
Killed In Action:  4 Mar 2002

Shahikot mountain area of Afghanistan.  He was a passenger on a MH-47 Chinook helicopter that was hit by enemy fire.  Hostile, died outright. He was one 7 killed on the mission.  The Battle of Takur Ghar  4–5 Mar 2002 was a Coalition Victory.

Sergeant,  U.S. Army 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.  The first Rangers to deploy after 9/11
Bradley S Crose was born 4 Aug 1979 at the Naval Hospital in Orlando into a Navy family and tradition. Son of Rick Crose and Sheila Sheila Maguhn; sister Hannah, brother Aaron, and stepmother Diana.  He graduated from Orange Park High School in 1998 and two weeks later he joined the Army. A Tae Kwon Do black belt and medalist, a Gator fan, and reader of classical literature.  Burial: Jacksonville Memory Gardens Orange Park Clay County Florida.   ARMY RANGERS MISSION: Plan and conduct special military operations such as raids and reconnaissance, recovery of people and equipment and seizing airfields in strategic combat. Airborne Rangers, an elite group, are capable of arriving into battle by land, sea and air. 

MICHAEL  DUSKIN   Age 42   KIA  VALOR     Bronze Star (3), Purple Heart 
Killed In Action: 23 Oct 2012

Chak District, Wardak Province, Afghanistan - 5th tour in the region. Hostile, died outright, small arms casualty.  
Chief Warrant Officer 2,  U.S. Army,  Assistant Detachment Commander , Company A, 1st Battalion,  3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) "Green Berets.”    Three Bronze Star Medals, one posthumously. 
Michael Stephen Duskin, son of George Duskin, a decorated Vietnam - Navy pilot. Home of record Orange, Park. He stood 6' 5" tall weighing in a 250#.  Enlisted in 1993, prior duty as a forward observer, 75th Rangers, and Florida National Guard.  He is survived by a sister, parents, along with his wife, Maggie, and three children. He was notorious for NOT being Politically Correct.  Mike's remains were cremated.   Special Forces Motto: "From the Rest Comes the Best" "We Do Bad Things to Bad People" "Hard Times Don't Last, Hard Men Do"

JOHN E HAYES    Age 36      KIA   Purple Heart 
Killed In Action: 8 Jul 2009
Helmand Province, Afghanistan during his 4th tour in the region. Hostile, died outright,  improvised explosive device (IED) casualty.  Master Sergeant , U.S. Marine Corps, Company Gunny -  Alpha Company,  2nd Reconnaissance Battalion,  2nd Marine Division,  II Marine Expeditionary Force.    Motto  "Swift, Silent, Deadly"
John Eric Hayes was born 22 Mar 1973, son of Frank Hayes of Middleburg.  He was a member of the JROTC at Middleburg High School 1991 grad who entered enlisted a  month after graduation.  He met his wife Shannon Irene Hall in high school and they have three wonderful children - two daughters and a son. He was previously deployed to Kosovo and Albania in 1998, Kuwait in 1991,  Iraq in 2003 and 2007.  On 8 Jul 2012 he was returning from a patrol when his Humvee tripped an improvised explosive device killing him instantly.  John is buried at Arlington National Cemetery Section 60 Site 8849  In Middleburg, the park with boat ramp at Main Street at the Black Creek are Named in his Honor.    .  

JAMES B LACKEY Age 45     KIA      
Killed In Action: 9 Apr 2010
Qalat, Zabul Province, Afghanistan.  CV-22 Aircraft mishap, non-hostile, died outright.

Senior Master Sergeant, U S Air Force, CV-22 Osprey,  8th Special Operations Squadron. A former A-10 and F-15 crew chief, MH-53 flight engineer . 2002: Distinguished Flying Cross acts of heroism in combat  during Operation Enduring Freedom. 
James Bertrand Lackey was born 3 Dec 1964, son of James and Kathleen Jones Lackey.  Hometown Vincennes, IN, home of record Green Cove Springs, Florida. He is survived by his wife, Cassie; and sons, Brandon, Alex and Nick.  His mother, sister, Dorinda, uncles, Ralph (Betty) Jones, Harold (Sharon) Jones and cousins, Ralph Leann) Jones reside in Green Cove Springs.  He joined the Air Force in 1986.  Buried at the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia  Sec 60 Site 9079

DICK A LEE JR   Age 31      KIA       Purple Heart 
Killed In Action: 26 Apr 2012
Ghazni province, Afghanistan during his 4th tour in the region. Hostile, improvised explosive device (IED) casualty.
His working dog Fibi was also killed.
Staff Sergeant , U S Army,  95th Military Police Battalion, 18th Military Police (K-9 Handler).
Dick Alson Lee, Jr was born 23 Jul 1980, son of Brenda Carroll of Lake Asbury and Dick Lee Sr., of  Newcastle, Oklahoma. He leaves behind his wife Katherine, sons Joshua 2 and David 4, mother and her husband Larry Carroll, father, sister Army Specialist Vanessa Compton, and brother Michael Carroll.  Keystone Heights Coach Chuck Dickinson said he was an outstanding linebacker  - reliable and determined.  He joined the Army to become a military police K-9 handler.  He really loved being a dog handler; turning down promotions to keep doing it.  Fourth deployment in a 12-year military career.  Buried at Jacksonville Memory Gardens Orange Park, Florida.   

Died In Action 12 FEB 2007:
Apparent natural causes, while in theater, Indian Ocean off the coast of Samolia.  
Petty Officer 2nd Class, U.S. Navy, Master At Arms, USS Bataan (LHD 5) Amphibious Ready Group, 5th Fleet.
LaQuita Pate James, was born 17 Jun 1973, daughter of Cecil Pate. A 1991 graduated from Ribault Sr. High School who became a resident of Orange Park.  She enlisted in 2003.  She is survived by her pride and joys - two sons, Stephen &  Di'Jimon along with numerous other family and friends.  Member of Truth for Living Ministries of Jacksonville.   Burial:  Edgewood Cemetery  Jacksonville, Florida.

WORLD WAR II   1939-1945 Axis of Evil (Japan, Germany, and Italy) 

PACIFIC THEATER (1941-1945) to combat the Empire of Japan invasion of China, Burma, Philippines, U.S.A....

EUROPE and NORTH AFRICA THEATER (1942-1945) to combat German and Italian invasion of Poland, England, France...

NOTE:  This FW listing has basic information, the e-book (PARADE OF HERITAGE) has more detailed information and many pictures.  

JOHN J MASTERS JR   Age 32    MIA/KIA    Purple Heart
Missing In Action PACIFIC - South China Sea  18 JAN 1943

Chief Motor Machinist Mate, US Navy, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 4 and 5.  Service # 2679387
Born in 1911, He's on the 1940 Jacksonville census. Even though his next of kin was listed as Duval Co, his parents lived in Clay County for many, years and were still here at his time of death.  Enlisted 31 Dec 1941. Buried at Sea.  Commemorated at the Honolulu Memorial Cemetery (Hawaii) "The Punchbowl" 

AUSTIN W KELLY JR   Age 21  MIA/KIA   Purple Heart
Missing In Action  PACIFIC Solomon Islands  21 MAY 1943
Ensign, U.S. Navy Reserve,  Torpedo Squadron 27 (VT-27)  USS Suwannee  
Home of Record Westfield, NJ. Born in 1921, attended St Peter's College, NJ.  Prior to going overseas he trained at Jacksonville, Florida, received his commissioned and wings 22 Dec 1942.  Assigned to the Southwest Pacific in early April 1943, VT-27 aboard the USS Suwannee in the Pacific area.  He was killed when his TBF-Avenger crashed into the sea during glide bombing practice. He was one of four brothers in the U.S. Armed Forces.  The casualty report shows “Dead, Plane Crash, Non-Battle Line of Duty."  To our knowledge the aircraft nor his body were recovered.  His wife, Helen Duggan Kelly - next of kin - was notified upon his death. She lived at 315 Magnolia, Green Cove Springs while he was overseas. She was pregnant with twins, a boy and girl at the time.  On September 7, 1943, Kelly’s widow delivered twins, a boy and a girl. They were christened Austin West Kelly III and Helen Duggan Kelly.  

LESLIE W PRINGLE  Age 20  MIA/KIA    Purple Heart
Missing in Action Escort duty, North Atlantic  23 Aug 1943
Seaman 2nd Class, U S Navy, USS Ingraham DD-444   Service # 2687249

Born 30 Dec 1921, Leslie Ward Pringle was the son of Lacey Ardel “Bud” Pringle and Bertha Mae Sikes of Green Cove Springs, Florida. He died when the ship he was on sunk of the cost of Nova Scotia. They were on escort duty in route to the British Isles for the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign.  They were off the coast of Nova Scotia, in heavy fog, sunk in a collision with USS Chemung AO-30.  Depth charges on her stern exploded.  Only 11 men survived the collision. Body not recovered, Burial as Sea, commemorated at the East Coast Memorial battery Park, Manhattan New York County, New York, USA along with 4,609 others missing in the waters of the Atlantic.

ARRON COLEMAN  Age 21   KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action  BURMA   15 JAN 1944

Tech 5th Class  45th Engineer General Services Regiment    Service # 34052428
Born in Florida 26 Apr 1922, living in Green Cove Springs in the 1940 census with his brother Eddie Colman.  He was working as a yard man for a private family and as a farm hand. His brother was a chauffeur for a private family. He had a sister was Dorina.  Eddie remained in Green Cove Springs, dying in 2002.  He was  black  male with dependents, Ht 66", Wt 145. Enlisted at Camp Blanding 14 May 1941. He was first buried at the Kalaikunda Cemetery, India.  Then re-interned  27 Jan, 1949 to the Honolulu (Hawaii) Memorial Cemetery aka The Punchbowl: Plot B Row 0 Grave 998 

THOMAS W RICH Age 19   MIA    Purple Heart
Missing In  Action EUROPE over Venice, Italy  16 JAN 1944

Staff Sergeant , U S Army Air Corps 719th Bomber Squadron, 449th Group.  Service #  14085929
Born in Georgia 22 Jun 1924, son of Patrick Tuner Rich and Mary Elizabeth Rich. His father worked at the local brick yard in Green Cove Springs.  By 1930 his family was living in Clay County. Four years of high school, white male, single, without dependents.  Skilled welder and flame cutter.  Enlisted 14 Dec 1942 at Camp Blanding.  A tail gunner on a B-24 "Liberator."   Unit report indicates that his body was not recovered

ALLEN TAYLOR  Age 19   KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action  EUROPE - Holland, Mid air collision (Battle of the Bulge)   21 JAN 1944

Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 532nd Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb Group, 8th Army Air Corps  
Born 18 Sept 1924, son of Hiram and Cassie Taylor; they lived along the Middleburg-Doctors Lake Road.  They were farmers, he had two siblings.  Four years of high school, white, male, single,  without dependents, Wt 116#.  Enlisted 31 Dec 1943 at Camp Blanding.  Buried, Black Pond Baptist Church Cemetery, Middleburg Fl. His father ordered his gravestone in 1948.

JOHNNY A MARTON   Age 23   KIA   Purple Heart
Killed In Action  ITALY  27 JAN 1944       
Staff Sergeant  U S Army Air Corps 95th Bombardment Squadron, 17th Group   Service # 14082924
Born 21 Oct 1921 the son of Alexander and Julia Marton. Both his parents were Hungarian immigrants. Johnny and all his siblings were born in Connecticut. By 1930 the entire family was living and farming in Clay County.  A high school graduate, white single male without dependents.  Enlisted: 13 Aug 1942 at Camp Blanding.   Burial: Naples Allied Cemetery, Naples Italy, reinterred to St. Augustine National Cemetery 2 Mar 1949. Section D lot 122

FLOYD DANIELS  Age 22   KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action  ITALY   12 MAY 1944
Private, U.S. Army, 339th Infantry Regiment, 85th Division 

Born in 1922, son of Eugene E Daniels and Jane Daniels. His grandparents were Isaac Thomas Jefferson Daniels and Florida C. Varnes Daniels, two pioneer Clay County families.  In 1940 Floyd worked at the local hosiery mill as a machine operator.  A white, single, male.  Enlisted at Camp Blanding 17 Nov 1942.   Buried: Formia Provincia di Roma, Lazio, Italy.  Moved - re-interred - to St Augustine National Cemetery 7 Mar 1949  Sec  E,  Grave 29 

RAY L GEIGER, JR  Age 22     KIA    Purple Heart
Killed In Action   ITALY   3 MAY 1944

Private,  135th Infantry Regiment,  34th Division  Service # 1411836 
Born in Green Cove Springs,1922. Ray Leicester Geiger, Jr.  was the son of Ray L. Geiger, Sr. and Bessie Geiger. His father and grandfather Allen Geiger ran a general store in Green Cove Springs.  Two years of College, white, without dependents. Enlisted 16 Nov 1942 at Gainesville Florida.  Civil Occupation: Semiskilled occupations in manufacture of electrical machinery and accessories.  Casualty Nettuno, Provincia di Roma Lazio, Italy.  Buried Sicily-Rome , American Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy Plot G Row 5 Grave 37  

WILLIAM I PRIEST   Age 19     KIA     Purple Heart
Killed In Action  EUROPE - Holland   13 APR 1944

Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army,  Army Ground Forces, Company A, 23 Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division.  Service # # 34543515
Born 17 May 1924, son of Charley Russell Priest and Idell Cornelia Sapp; on of 6 children. Both the Priest and Sapp families were pioneers of Clay County - farmers - in the Rivers Mill area. He was known as “Ira", a skilled Lumberman and Raftsman.  He attended grammar school, white male, single without dependents,.  Enlisted 13 Feb 1943 at Camp Blanding.  Initially buried in Margraten Aachen, Limburg Provence, Holland.Buried in Holland. On 3 Aug 1949 reinterred to  Arlington National Cemetery  Sec: 34 Lot: 3064.

JAMES C STRICKLAND   Age 31    KIA      Purple Heart
Killed In Action NORTH AFRICA, Tunisia  23 MAY 1944

Private First Class, U.S. Army, Company B, 6th Armored Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division.  Service # 34536924
Born 10 Apr 1913, son of James Levi and Hettie Taylor Strickland. The Stricklands are a pioneer family of Clay County.  He had six siblings. In 1940 he was working as a truck driver. He went by "Caleb". He had one year of high school, a white, citizen, with dependents, Ht 68" Wt 139#.  Enlisted 21 Dec 1942 at Camp Blanding.  Buried Long Branch Cemetery , Clay County, Florida. The Reverend JL Strickland ordered the stone in 1948.

HAROLD PADGETT Age 20    KIA    Purple Heart
Killed In Action  EUROPE - Percy, France  30 JUL 1944

Private First Class, U S Army, Co. F, 2nd Battalion, 175th infantry Regiment , 29th  Infantry  Division.  Service # 34543644
Born in the Highlands (Clay Hill) Clay County Florida on 8 Dec 1923.  He was the only son of Dawson and Ida Mosley Padgett; The Padgett and Mosley families are pioneers of Clay County. Many descendants are living in Clay County today.  He attended one year of High School, single, white male. Ht 66'' Wt 140#.  Enlisted at Camp Blanding.  Commemorated "Buried" Padgett Cemetery (Clay Hill) Middleburg, Florida.

EDWARD LYTLE  Age 24   KIA    Purple Heart
Killed In Action   ITALY   2 MAR 1945  

Private First Class, U.S. Army Co. B, 302 Infantry Regiment, 94th Division. 
Born 22 Nov 1922, Son of Leslie L and Mae Underhill Lytle.  Mae was a widow early on. She raised Edward, her only child, as a single mother. At different times she lived with family in 1930s and 1940s in Clay County.  Edward “Bill” Lytle was listed as “Army”.  Mae was a welder, aka “Rosie the Riviter”.  He was a white, male, enlisted at Camp Blanding 27 Oct  1942.   Initially buried in St. Avold Cemetery, France. Moved and  reinterred to St. Augustine National Cemetery  21 Jan  1949 Sec D   Grave 161 

IRAQ  2003 - 2011, 2014 - present     
Operation Iraqi Freedom:  Topple the government of Saddam Hussein.
Free the region of Global Radical Islamic Terror.
USA War history with radical Islam: 1801-1805, 1979 -  present
Defending Human Freedom

KEVIN J ELLENBURG  Age 20  KIA     Bronze Star, Purple Heart 
Killed In Action:  1 Nov 2006
Baghdad, Iraq, improvised explosive device (IED) detonated near his Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  Hostile, died outright, small arms casualty.  
Private First Class, U S Army, Company B,  1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized).

Kevin J. Ellenburg was born 14 Nov 1985, son of a Navy veteran. They  lived in Clay County prior to moving to Pensacola. After High School, and after he - came of age - he moved back to Middleburg to live with his older brother. He was a gifted athlete, with desire to be a sports trainer. He longed to be back in Florida with his brother.  His family expected him to be home in December; he planned to re-enlist when his tour was up.  Kevin is buried at Southern Heritage Cemetery, Pelham, Shelby County, Alabama.  Enlisted in September 2005.

QUINCY J GREEN   Age 26   KIA      
Killed In Action 2 Jun 2008:
Tikrit, Iraq, non-combat injuries, wounds caused by small-arms fire *  
Specialist, U.S. Army 601st Aviation Support Battalion, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. 
Quincy Jermel  Green was born 13 Apr 1982, son of  Jimmie L. Green, Sr., a retired Navy veteran and Mary Ann Jasper.  A NJROTC student and the football team’s mascot, "Raider Man". A 2001  Orange Park High School graduate.  Prior to enlisting he worked at the Texas Prison system in Huntsville, Texas.  He enlisted May 2003, this was his first deployment to the region .While in Iraq he was a Chaplain's Assistant.  He is survived by his wife, Lori M. Green and two girls, 2 and 8 months; they live in Arizona.  Memorialized by Cremation.  Capt. John Fitzpatrick, an NJROTC officer, recalls his enthusiastic and optimistic.  
* Incident  under investigation, officials say the small arms fire was not combat related. His father, Jimmie Green, said his son died from sniper fire.   

IAN D MANUAL    Age 23      KIA    Bronze Star, Purple Heart 
Killed In Action 8 JAN 2004:
Fallujah, Iraq, shot down during a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during a Medevac mission. Hostile, died outright. Chief Warrant Officer 2, U.S. Army,  571st Medical Company  (Air Ambulance)  UH-60 pilot
Ian Desmond Manuel was born in Honolulu, 1 Nov 1980, son of Brice Manuel and Tita Derrow.  Son of a Navy man and grandson of a World War II pilot (also buried at Arlington). Ian moved to Green Cove Springs with his mother.  A 1998 Clay High School graduate, worked at the Magnolia Point golf course and then at a mortgage bank. "Ian was what we affectionately refer to as a gym rat," said Clay Principal Pete McCabe. He told his friends he joined the Army because he wanted to make a difference. He was one of  nine soldiers killed during the mission.  He was engaged to marry Jill Payton who was also serving in Iraq; they were planing a small and simple wedding upon return.  Body recovered, buried at Arlington National Cemetery, VA.  Section 60 Site 7968.  

JOHNATHAN N HARTMAN   Age 27    KIA   Purple Heart 
Killed In Action 17 APR 2004:
Dwaniyan, Iraq, tank convoy  ambush. Hostile, died outright.  Sergeant U.S. Army 2nd Battalion, 37th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Division, M1 Armor Crewman 
Jonathan Nicholas Hartman was born in Portsmouth City Virginia on 24 Nov 1976,  son of  Judy Hartman.  In 1996, he moved to Orange Park with his mother; enlisted Oct 1999 . We have reason to believe he may have been engaged to be married. Family and friends remembers him to be a young redhead who liked to sing and play his guitar. He loved to reader; to help promote reading a Take Stock in Children memorial fund has been established.  The day before he was killed he talked with his mother to say -  just been extended for 90 days. 
Body recovered, buried next to his uncle at his Mother's home town, Miami Cemetery, Waynesville, Ohio. 

DONALD E VALENTINE III  Age 21   KIA     Purple Heart 
Killed In Action 18 SEP 2007:
Muqdadiyah, Iraq, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonated near their unit.  Hostile, died outright.  Corporal , U.S. Army,  2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division 

Donald Eugene Valentine III was born 5 Mar 1986 in Houston, Texas, son of Donald II. and Anna Valentine of Orange Park.  His military family moved around a lot.  He lived in Florida most of his life but spent a lot of time growing up with his Houston, Texas grandparents. He enlisted 2004 - because of 9/11 - months after graduating from Robert E. Lee High School. He was in country about a year, scheduled be home in November. He is survived by his wife Lucia Valentine, parents, grandparents, numerous other relatives, and friends.  He wanted to be buried in Houston; body recovered, buried near his birth place at the Houston National Cemetery, Texas.  Plot: Sec S1 Site 2592

U.S. Army:  
"This We'll Defend"

U.S. Marines:
"Semper Fidelis"
(Always Faithful)

U.S. Navy:
"Honor, Courage, Commitment"

US Air Force:
Integrity First 

U.S. Coast Guard:
Semper Paratus"

(Always Ready)



Introduction: This has never been done before - a first ever - for Clay County, Florida.  FIRST EDITION.  This is a private sector project.  The goal of this edition is to publication a verified and archived account of all our local - Clay County, Florida - Fallen  Warriors who were in theater casualties.  We intend to make this an inclusive and conclusive listing to honor and showcase our fallen - Lest-We-Forget.  A yearlong effort has been made to get us to this point.  The information within has been a joint effort of made possible by Heritage Guides and the Clay County Archives. This projected was sparked (Feb 2015) by Chris Mayer, docent at the Military Museum of North Florida and by Gary Newman, President of Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 1059 - Clay County, Florida.  
We continue to be grateful that our Clerk of Clay Courts has a fully functional archive and to people all across Clay County who remain steadfast to the case of - LEST-WE-FORGET. 

We finalized the first ebook ready by 1 Mar 2016, updates have been made about every 60 days since then.    

The hard copy book/booklet was going to be published by the Military Museum of North .  However, during May 2016 they elected not to do the project.  

Acknowledgements:   To be post later 

RESOURCES / REFERENCES / CREDITS:,,, National Archives and Records Administration,  Library of Congress, , florida,,,,,,,,, Florida Archives,, Military.Com,,, Remembering An American Hero, P.O.W. Network,  National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, Families of POW*MIA, Florida Times Union, My Clay Sun, Clay County Line, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific,,, Army Historical Foundation,,,,,, Clay Today,,,, jehayes.htm,,,,,,,,, jehayes.htm,,,,,,,,

Please keep in mind  the primary objective of this document is to publish our verified and archived information.  

Please direct any and all questions or comments.   Art Yeaman,



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PERSIAN GULF 1990-1991:
Operation Desert Storm - Liberating Kuwait from the government of Saddam Hussein.
Radical Islamic Terror with USA:  1801-1805,  1979 - present   
Defending Human Freedom 

M SCOTT SPEICHER Age 33  MIA, POW, KIA     Purple Heart
Missing In Action:  16 JAN 1991 
First casualty in Operation Desert Storm.  Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq,  Air Loss, Crash - Land.  Mar 2009 remains site was located.  Repatriated 2 Aug 2009.  Captain,  F/A-18 Hornet Pilot - call sign "SPIKE" - assigned fixed wing Fighter  Attach Squadron  VFA-81 "Sunliners" on board the U.S.S. Saratoga (CV-60).  Promoted twice after his disappearance, first to Commander and then to Captain.   Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross. 
Michael Scott Speicher was born 12 Jul 1957 in Kansas City, Missouri, when he was 15 the family moved to Jacksonville, Florida. He's an alumni of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School, and Florida State University.  He married his college sweetheart, Joanne. Scott’s family, wife, Daughter - Meghan (3), and Son - Michael (1) were residents of Orange Park at the time he was MIA.  During the mid 1990s aircraft wreckage was located.  In 2009 an Iraqi man led US Marines to Scott's burial site.  His remains were positively identified in August 2009.  Buried at :Jacksonville Memory Gardens Orange Park Clay County Florida, USA   

"Our Navy will never give up looking for a shipmate, regardless of how long or
how difficult that search may be,"  Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations.”

NOTE: Scott's father was a World War II fighter pilot in World War II, Scott had his first airplane flight when he was five years old.   As a teenager he was a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol.  After graduation from FSU, he joined the Navy's Aviation Officer Candidate School at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida; followed by flight to become a Naval Aviator.  He started off flying the A-7 Corsair II and later the new F/A-18 Hornet. 

NOTE:  This FW listing has basic information, the e-book (PARADE OF HERITAGE) has more detailed information and many pictures.