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Hillsdale College (online) Constitution 101 and National Center for Constitutional Studies 

    introduction videos 

BOOK: The 5000 Year Leap for Class Participants Only (Limited Time Offer) $12.00    

The following is a partial list of presentations, workshops, discussions, interactive classes/programs. 

What’s the big IDEA: The Story behind the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787. Natural Law, 5,000 year leap (Free Enterprise), Virtues and Values, Join or Die, A Declaration, Principles of Liberty, Property, Representation, Consent of the governed. 

Who’s-Who: movers and shakers; before and during – in the light and behind the scene. Cicero, Plato, Polybius, Iroquois, Blackstone, Locke, Montesquieu, Paine, Mason, Sherman, Adams, Jay, Wythe, Jefferson, Hamilton, Shay, Madison, Gerry, Franklin, Pinckney, Washington, Marshal, Committee Assignments & c. 

THE FEDERALIST and ANTI-FEDERALIST: Listen / Read 3-4 of the Federalist Papers or Anit-Federalist Papers / Federalist 85 articles and/or essays to promote ratification of the U.S. Constitution. signed "PUBLIUS." "friend of the people" Anti-Federalist a collection of articles, written in opposition of ratification. Authors Brutus, Cato, Centinel, and Federal Farmer. Major points were the new Constitution did not include a statement of individual rights (Bill of Rights).

POLITICAL SPECTRUM and SEPARATION OF POWERS: (Discussion format) View a Short video presentation by the Nation Center for Constitutional Studies.  Explore types of government, Checks and balance; Location and reason of power. Monarchy, Aristocracy, Democracy, Polybius mixed constitution. The Role of wealth.

17th AMENDMENT, PROGRESSIVE ERA. PROPER ROLE of GOVERNMENT and LIMITED FEDERAL POWERS: (short video presentation by the Nation Center for Constitutional Studies) Strong local self-government the keystone to liberty. Federal, State, Local (ward), Family Farm, Self, 10th Amendments, Madison vs Marbury, Case Law vs. Constitutional Law, Liberty to Nullification, Immigration, Universities, and the French gift.   

The Progressive Era part 1 of 2 A Republic at Risk: Amendments, special focus on the 17th “Educated” people will know better… Claims of the founders intent as being misplaced. 

The Progressive Era part 2 of 2 A Republic at Risk: Amendments, growing a federal government. Freedom over Liberty - Republic is challenged.A Republic… Will apathy keep it? How long do democracy last? Is our republic being converted to a democracy? Can free people survive under a republican constitution without remaining virtuous and morally strong? Resources and Action. Old Math Works 10 – 17 = Balanced Budget ---

The Mystery Class HITMA Theory: Art's new word August 2011, based on a Johna Hayes, Jr, concept. (Heritage Investment Transports Memories into Action): A Gifts of History approach for muti-generational learning. 

HARP (Heritage Awareness Rediscovery Project): Localized Educational Interpretive Historical Sign/Marker Program (Virtual & Actual).  

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This 48 page pocket-size (3.25" X 6.5") book is published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies. PROOFED - word-for-word with our original Constitution at Archives in Washington, D.C. Identical in spelling, capitalization and punctuation. The Constitution of these United States is our standard of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. A MUST have for CIVIC 101

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Available upon request: Mini seminar or full scale programs. 

ore program information posted below.

Principles of Liberty and Freedom:  

"A Republic… Yours If You Can Keep It"

B. Franklin September 17, 1787.

CIVICS 101: Learn about our U.S. Constitution.

  • What is your U.S. Constitution IQ?
  • What is the difference between a Law and an Act?
  • Were do our rights come from?
  • What form of government do we have... and why?
  • What are the consequences of not participating in Civics?