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Ben Franklin Programs Questions for Heritage Guides

Q.   What type of programs and presentations are available?

A.  Programs are tailored for the age & interest of the group.  Examples KEYNOTE ADDRESS / LUNCHEON AND DINNER PROGRAMS / WORKSHOP: 

E PLURIBUS UNUM (Latin for one nation from many people.) Ben's personal stories and tales of an Eagle and these united States that will soar through any clouds of misunderstanding -- we were coming together as one. This country seeks peace, but never afraid to fight to preserve peace. The Eagle always desires to face the olive branch, but in time of war, his eyes are fixed toward the arrows. 

ANNUIT COEPTIS (Latin for God has favored our undertaking) Ben's personal story and tales of the development of our national seal. The Pyramid is not capped, signifying that we are not  finished, under the capstone is the all-seeing eye, an ancient symbol for divinity. Ben Franklin will tell you one man couldn't do it alone, but a group of men, - a sense of community - and with the help of God, we can do anything. 

BEN'S STORY:  The most popular program.  An overview of his life, with wit and humor; highlighted with the Kite Story of 1752.  Would you like to help fly the kite?  Great for all ages 5 - 105.  Let Freedom Ring: (1760's-1790) Dr. Franklin will help you draw upon the question.  Can we govern ourselves?  A Declaration + A Revolution + A U.S. Constitution =  Results "A New Republic"Colonial Days: The early days with tales 1600-1790.  Who darns the socks & gathers the wood?  Great for school groups and young children.

THE LAWS OF NATURE AND NATURE'S GOD: A tribute to indigenous education and Ben's kinship with nature including  tales of John & William Bartram's travel to East Florida. Great for Eco-Heritage tours. 

VIRTUES & VALUES: Guiding Principles.  Perhaps, a "how to" to identifying your own values.  Learn about the JUNTO and the Leather Apron Club.  Ideal for business and civic team building and/or uniting people for a cause.  

CONVERSATION WITH BEN: What would you like to ask Ben?  An interactive program in a variety of settings; a fireside chat - to webinars - distant learning programs. 

All programs offer a Q&A session, when and if appropriate. 

Q.  Why should we consider having Ben visit with us?

A. To Help Bring History To Life while learning the tremendous worth and value of story!

SCHOOLS:  You can do more than just meet the education standards… you can exceed them by providing the students with an interactive program to promote READING, SCIENCE and the ARTS.  Do not delay --- the students are counting on you to invite Ben Franklin.  The results: Better Readers –Better Learners -- Better Citizens.  

LIBRARIES:  After all Ben was the founder of our public library system and promoted the need for education via the library.  Ben is a great fit for your “story hour” --ages 5-105. Request a program soon. 

BUSINESS:  Ben opened the gates to our trade and entrepreneurship in the 1720’s with his desire to be self employed.  His business ideas of Free Enterprise helped develop our nation.  Send for "Ben" to attend your next business seminar or business promotional event. 

ORGANIZATIONS / CIVIC GROUPS: Make it fun and educational.  After all, your group has the right to enjoy freedom to assemble because Ben and others took a stand against a tyrant.   Ben can do more than just add life into your programs. He may put money into your organization.  

Call today, 904-449-4607 to schedule a program and/or ask how Ben may help your fund raising event.

Q.  What have others said about his programs?

A.  Many adults have said “I learned more in 45 minute than I learned in any 2 years of schooling.”  

When Dr. Ben Franklin walks into the room, his historic past follows close behind. Citizens of all ages are compelled to listen and learn as he weaves a tapestry of tales of times past. Old Kings Elementary School, Bunnell,  Florida.  

He added a touch of realism to our Colonial Christmas party.   Green Cove Springs Junior High, Green Cove Springs, Florida.

This is learning as it should be informative, entertaining, and engaging, Ben Franklin will leave everyone with an understanding and a vision of history that will not be forgotten. Darnell-Cookman Middle School, Jacksonville, Florida 

The 3rd graders loved it and were still talking about it for weeks. Doctors Inlet Elementary, Doctors Lake, Florida. 

We highly recommend him to any teacher who wishes to give students a hands-on experience with American history! Jordan Glen School, Archer, Florida 

Comments from other:  

Fantastic, Very Enjoyable, Very Educational, Very Well Presented.   

I like the easy going narrative & the printing press model.

I enjoyed the description of Thomas Jefferson & the rocking chair.

I loved the kite story and butter churn.

He gets kid interest in asking question. 

I think he is Ben Franklin.

The kids have become more interested in reading since Ben visited with us.

Thank You Ben aka Art Yeaman

Q.  Who is the Artist? 

A. Art Yeaman, is the Founder/Director of Heritage Guides (formerly Art Yeaman, Diversified).  An Association of fellow Americans who come together to make a difference while honoring; our Heritage, the Arts, Science, and our Free Enterprise System.  He has more than 30 years of  public speaking experience and he has developed and implemented more than 100 educational programs.  

Art is a one man dramatist, a master storyteller, a historical interpreter, a history consultant, and a retired U.S. Marine.  

Like Ben, Art is self taught and has enjoyed a life of civic responsibility along with the joy of learning.  In his love of the arts and his passion for history, he has presented to more than a million people and has made more than 1500 appearances since 1995.  

Like Ben, Art has an opinion about all most everything, some of his opinions are based in the laws of nature and nature's god, some are based in the spirit of our indigenous culture, some are from the classical traditions and other are just his opinion.  Some of his thoughts, ideas and opinions have resulted in the termination of employment.  

Therefore, Art, like Ben, is self-employed.   Citizen-At-Large! 

Ben Franklin - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When and where did he live?
A.  Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) He was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony.  A runaway servant who became a master printer, in London then returned to Philadelphia.  He traveled to Great Britain and Western Europe, finally returning again to the "City of Brotherly Love."

Q.  What did he do?
A.  Dr. Franklin -known by others as:​  A Civic Leader, An Inventor, A Statesman, A Diplomat, An Abolitionist, A Philosopher, An Essayist.  He was most proud to be known as a PRINTER.  He loved to read, write and make observations of nature. He flew a kite one summer night and made a discovery that lightning and electricity are, one in the same. He was a leader is starting a library, a hospital, a fire company, a school and more. He was one of America’s first humorists and political cartoonists. Ben helped to give birth to a new Nation - These united States of America!  Yes, the u in united is small for a reason - do you know why?  He also helped develop a U.S. Constitution - A republic it's your "if you can keep it."   Yes, he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the U.S Constitution (1787).  He read with his grandchildren, and did much, much more.

Send for "Ben" to attend your next business seminar or business promotional event.