Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time   

Art Yeaman: Biography

Founder of Heritage Guides, Inc. Your KEY To Applied Heritage.
(Consultant, Performing Artist, Educator) Honoring our American Heritage...  

Art grew up in the dairy farm area of Northeast Ohio (Dalton, Wayne County), where he learned the value of working the land, and community service. He entered the U.S. Marine, serving our nation for 22 years. He's a graduate of First Coast Technical Institute -Agri-Science program, a former University Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences staff member and a Florida Master Naturalist.

He is a Vietnam Era - Legacy Veteran. His duties as a CH-53 mechanic, crew chief, line chief, and maintenance controller include numerous international humanitarian operations. He was deployed to 17 countries and has resided in five states, with one tour of duty at the Presidential Helicopter Support Squadron (HMX-1) during the President Ronald Reagan and President George H. Bush (41) administrations.

During 1989 the family relocated to Green Cove Springs, Florida, for duty as a Marine liaison at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. Master Sergeant Yeaman retiring from active duty in 1994 and turned his interests to a study of ecology, local history and America's colonial days.  He has developed a variety of educational and entertaining programs.  He is known by many as Ben Franklin; performing in colonial attire, Art portrays Doctor Franklin (1706-1790) and has since developed a few other personas such a William "Billy" Bartram, Henry Clay, Tom Paine, and Ben Abram.

He has more than 35 years of public speaking experience and is a nationally recognized Storyteller. He started making public appearances in 1982 teaching military history presentations for High School students. He now performs for conferences, associations, schools, churches, libraries, museums, festivals, businesses, civic groups, and events.   Art is the founder of Heritage Guides. Some of his regular tasks include: Facilitating class about our U.S. Constitution, discussing Civics 101, research for the Parade of Heritage.

His annual return appearances include Youth Leadership Foundation, American Cruiselines, along with numerous private schools and groups. 

Some of his memberships include; The Florida and National Trust for Historical Preservation; Marine Corp League; Vietnam Veterans of America, and the National Storytelling Network.   

His bride is Jenny (married in 1977). Jenny and Art have two grown children and three grandchildren. They reside in Green Cove Springs, Clay County, Florida.


Showcasing and Celebrating our Clay County, our St Johns River, our Florida, and our American Heritage.


‚ÄčArt is Your KEY to Applied Heritage... A Compatriot Innovator who honors our ecology and our American heritage. He believes that the natural world is the best classroom and that history

is not just to be a book on a shelf? ---- It is to be alive and doing well!  

We talk about our nation's roots and dynamically promote our American (no hyphen) Heritage.  
A Republic, based on free enterprise-- encouraging and challenging our fellow compatriots to be innovative
while retaining our foremost desire for liberty, freedom, and independence --  our American way of life.