We Plan our WORK, then work our PLAN!

We Celebrate and showcase Clay County Heritage, Florida Heritage,

and American Heritage, One-Story-At-A-Time

Our 2016 Plans Include the Continuation of:
* Providing Educational and Guide service for our clients and partners.

* Presenting the Clay County Traveling Parade of Flags (20th year). Expand Departed Veteran program.
* P
resenting Citizen Academy Classes, Events and Activities: Teach others to protect the U.S. Constitution.
* Be available to discuss potential collaboration with other organizations with similar goals, events, and activities.
* Clay County Fallen Warriors (1860s to Present era) Research Project - publish E-book when ready.
* Support Vietnam Veterans of America action item for permanent FW monument.
* Virtual (online) civic education sites.  
* Pass on the Annual Parade of Trees event to new leadership.
* Evaluate the
Parade of Wreath, a Christmas season display of Fallen Warriors and Departed Veterans.
* Provide an attractive and useful E-Newsletter.

​NEW for 2016
Discontinue our "Dual Participant" Program.
* Help Teen Court develop the Word of the Month program.
* Support the
Clay Co. Clerk of Courts and/or Clay Co. Archives development of a special display of American Flags.
* Publish Parade of Heritage.

Thank you, please look around our website to learn more about us.

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Good day, Art Yeaman



Art Yeaman, DBA Heritage Guides   P.O. Box 472 Green Cove Springs, FL  32043

We are not a government agency or department.  
We receive no taxpayers Federal, State, or Local aid.

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We Provide Interactive Patriotic and Eco-Heritage Services 

  • We talk about our nation's roots with indigenous respect while we dramatically promote our American Heritage  
  • We specialize in Storytelling, Guide Services, Personal Tributes, and Eco-Heritage Programs.
  • We showcase our American Heritage (no hyphen required).  A Republic, based on free enterprise-- encouraging and challenging our fellow compatriots to be innovative while retaining our foremost desire for liberty, freedom, and independence --  our American way of life.

Your Key to Applied Heritage: 
Showcasing our Clay County, our St Johns River,
our Florida, and our American Heritage --- One-Tribute-At-A-Time   

 BACKGROUND:   We are based in Clay County (Village of Green Cove Springs) Florida.  We showcase Clay County, the lower St. Johns River basin, Florida, and American Heritage.  Heritage Guides evolved out of Art Yeaman, Diversified (AYD), a business venture of Art Yeaman providing Living History, and Heritage Awareness programs while supporting the development of the Eco-Heritage tourism market.  AYD was also an active member (2003-2009) of the former Green Cove Springs Merchants Association (GCSMA) and has been involved with the Parade of Flags since 1999, and the Parade of Trees since it was created in 2004.  

Note: The GCSMA met with internal strife during 2009.  Follow these links to learn about the history of:

Parade of Flags   and   Parade of Trees  

During 2010 Art Yeaman co-founded the Greater Green Cove Civic Association (GGCCA) to continued the legacy of the Parade of Flags and the Parade of Trees.  Those two flagship events recognize and remember others; specifically military service personnel, their families, and veterans. The GGCCA was created to: 

  • Promote, organize and display the annual Parade of Flags, and annual Parade of Trees.
  • To promote and support civic education.
  • To assist the efforts of similar organizations and individuals for the promotion of the civic benefit.

During 2011 Heritage Guides (HG) partnered with GGCCA for the development of Heritage Flags on Parade, an idea designed to be modeled into an Adot-A-Flag Program and specific projects to help promote the Military Museum of North Florida. The concept expanded the perspective of community civic education. During 2013 the two organization entered a collaboration period followed by a plan to merge.

The GGCCA and HG merge was approved; HG became the lead agent January 2014. We are not a “meeting group,” we forego a routine of periodic meetings. We host planning sessions, placing our focus on meaningful civic projects.

AGAIN: We Plan our WORK, then work our PLAN!